Learn How To Maximize The Ultimate Competitive Advantage: An Agile Mindset

And Make Yourself Invaluable To Any Organization

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Are you here because...?

You want to become an expert in helping your teams build the world's best software products?

​You want to know exactly how to support your team for higher product quality, faster time to market, and boosted morale – at the same time?

You want to know how to engineer market disruption without disrupting harmony in your organization?

Well You've come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Justin Chapman. I'm about to show my age, but I was working with Agile principles before they were ever called Agile, way back in 1998.

What I've discovered in all of my years coaching entrepreneurs, product managers, engineers (both QE &DEV), and executives is that a good grasp in the theories of Agile is NOT enough.

If you really want to have an impact, then you need practical strategies for continuous improvement.

5 Easy Steps to Master A Lifetime of Improvement

It's no secret thousands of pages have been written about Agile. But doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose? My 22 years of experience has given me the ability to simplify everything I've learned into 5 easy steps.

There is no silver bullet, but these 5 steps DO cover it all. Here's just some of what you're going to learn inside:

How to earn the trust of everyone at your organization, from CEO on down

How to hire for character by using non-traditional talent acquisition strategies (including EXACT job posting scripts you can use)

Adaptive meetings that adjust to where you are in the process, not ones that are based on a template which might not always "fit"

An entire battery of questions you can use to learn and adapt your process on the fly

How to keep everything moving forward at a truly "breakthrough" pace

The best part is, none of what you'll learn is theory. It is the distillation of everything I've learned in my 22 years working for industry giants such as PayPal, Mastercard, Carbonite, and IBM – hiring teams, coaching scrum masters, and leading other coaches to success.

Become One of Today's Top Agile Leaders

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This concise eBook is an exact roadmap that will help you handle the ambiguity of real-life coaching situations, and it could easily be worth thousands over the course of your career. But if you act today, you can get it for ONLY $9.50

If you follow these 5 steps I guarantee you’ll see tangble results within your organization within four-weeks of completing the eBook or I’ll give you your money back!

So... Are You Ready to Shortcut Your Own Growth?

For the sake of your career, get it while you still can at this price, and let us take all of the risk as you try it without obligation.



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